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Church to keep 'grotesque' artwork despite congregation complaints

A piece of artwork painted specifically for Romsey Abbey in Hampshire hasn't gone down well with parishioners.

Fostering's 'not like Annie', but 'fulfilling', says Christian foster parent

A foster parent who also heads a Christian foster and adoption charity has revealed the realities of fostering.

Justin Welby: 'I cannot with integrity rescind my statement' on Bishop George Bell

Despite criticism from a number of academics, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby is standing by comments he made about deceased Bishop George Bel (pictured below)l, the clergyman who's been accused of abuse.

'It hurts me deeply if Jesus' name is abused': bishop speaks out after advertising controversies

The Bishop of Peterborough has said he is "deeply" hurt when the name of Christ is "abused", following a recent spate of allegations that retailers have insulted Christianity.